Disc’O is designed in order to increase the consumption of Wafer Halva especially between young people and kids, so that Turkey’s some values can live up to next generations.

With its transparent circular window style on upper side which is designed like a cd-disc, main intension is to highlight disc appearance of Wafer Halva.

Wafer Halva has various tastes and colors on it, it’s sweet, crunchy and really fun to eat. Presenting Disc’O as catchy premium brand on abroad. Being convenient for mass production with its different sauce tastes. Disc’O has different types, such as, with rose, carrot, mastic gum and Turkish café etc., several tastes of Turkey is spreading all over the word. Chocolate is accompany the cream between two- Wafer Halva layers. 8-point Turk Star relief which is on top of upper layer of Wafer Halva symbolizes Eight heaven , thus reminds us our values in Turkish culture and introduces to people who have no idea.

Tahini (Sesame paste ), pistachio, walnut,nut, Turkish cafe, mastic gum, caramel, cezeriye,rose, fig.

Disc’O is served as colorful visual side by ice cream/fruit salad bowl, and creates different tastes with alternatives by the first bite, therewithal reminding us the happiness we had in our childhood.